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Make a Difference to cancer patients

Help someone undergoing cancer treatment with a gift to make their life just that little bit easier

Give a Gift

  • A meal out
  • A hair appointment
  • Skin care lotions
  • Shopping vouchers

Give your Time

  • Shopping
  • Home cooked meals
  • Mowing lawns
  • Ideas welcome!

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very emotional time. People’s lives are turned upside down as they come to terms with their prognosis whilst navigating the medical system. Their life may also change significantly if they can’t work during this time and not everything is covered by Medicare or health insurance, putting pressure on their finances.

During such tumultuous times, even small acts of kindness, by giving a gift or giving your time, can make a difference.

Can you help us ‘make a difference’ to cancer patients?

How it works

  1. You suggest a gift idea (via form below)*
  2. We contact you (to discuss and answer any questions)
  3. We deliver the gift (based on an agreed plan)

You decide what you can do

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* By filling in the form above you are not committed to delivering your gift suggestion as ultimately some great ideas may not be feasible for various reasons. Therefore gift suggestions are non-binding until we discuss them with you and both parties mutually agree on the details.