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A Thankyou Statement from Yvonne

I have written many times about my appreciation of the generosity of corporate and individual donors to the Crestani Foundation, which is fully complemented by the wonderful work and time that our many volunteers also donate.
Without both of these sources of revenue and dedication, our charity would not be able to arrange the excellent fundraiser events we host in order to keep going and create better outcomes for cancer patients.
Our community fundraising events always need as much media publicity as possible for people to attend, which we do via – the Crestani Scholarships website by volunteer and webmaster Jean Werk, on our Facebook page by volunteer and photographer Sharon Hampson, and by volunteer Leka Housein for his video work at these events, all of which we greatly appreciate.
We also have several supporters from professional media organisations, and some individuals who contribute to our ongoing publicity for the Foundation.
I would like to personally thank and acknowledge the ongoing efforts of the following media sources and people:

  • Central Coast News – Journalist Terry Collins and publisher David Abrahams, for the many supportive news articles they have written about us for both the weekly local newspaper (out Thursdays) and online
  • Central Coast community Radio Five-O-Plus 93.3FM – station managers Allan Maddox and Ann Fredericks for their community service announcements ‘What’s On’ and ‘Connecting With Community’ about our fundraiser events, as well as Crestani being occasionally mentioned in their daily local radio news bulletins.
  • Internet station – presenter Adrian Charles for support with similar community announcements and chat about Crestani Scholarships.
  • NBN TV channel 8 – Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter, whose various reporters have done several excellent community news stories on the Crestani Foundation over many years.
  • Video director-cameramen Bob Fitzgerald and Bryan Hall via VideoSpark Productions, who shoot, edit, and produce our annual awards presentations and major funding events which appear on our website, Facebook, and Youtube channel, as well as creating longer-form historic films of the Crestani Foundation.

Thank you so much!