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News article from The Daily Telegraph naming Yvonne Crestani as one of the top 100 most influential people in 2018

#29 Yvonne Crestani: Medical. Scholarships in Radiology founder

Reader nomination: “Yvonne Crestani is the founder of Scholarships in Radiotherapy, which has been involved with the Cancer Unit at Gosford Hospital since 2013. The result of this has brought state of the art techniques in treatment to Central Coast Cancer Patients not usually available in Regional Hospitals. She heads a group of volunteers dedicated to raising funds to provide higher education for young Radiotherapists at home and in some cases, the opportunity to travel overseas to learn new techniques, thereby providing better outcomes for cancer patients on the Central Coast. Yvonne’s energy and sacrifice is beyond belief, her commitment and dedication is for the latest treatments to be available to help cancer patients here on the Coast. This foundation is here, yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

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